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Visual Studio 2015: Worth the upgrade?

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Considering upgrading to Visual Studio 2015? Many dev shops are risk averse when it comes to changing their tools. And rightly so; who wants to spend time tracking down all the gotchas unless there is a compelling reason.

While information isn’t too hard to come by, so much of it is marketing noise from Microsoft. So today, here are some links to information I’ve found that may help you make your decision.

5 Lesser Known Reasons To Upgrade To Visual Studio 2015

These may or may not be compelling to you depending on what type of development you do. But if you use LINQ or GIT, some of these new features might sway.

ReSharper 9 vs. Visual Studio 2015

If you’re already using Resharper, some of the new improvements provided by Visual Studio 2015 may not new to you at all. This article shows all the features that ReSharper 9 provides that 2015 does not, or sort-of does. It is provided by Jet Brains, the makers of ReSharper, so consider the source.

Visual Studio 2015 Preview

What’s new in 2015 from a mobile development point of view.

Frequent Visual Studio 2015 Questions on Stack Overflow

Want to see what actual developers are running into when using 2015? There’s no better place than Stack Overflow.

Write Unit Test Automatically using IntelliTest in Visual Studio 2015

IntelliTest is probably the most controversial new feature in 2015. If it lives up to its promise, it may drastically reduce the amount of effort spent writing unit tests. At the same time, it will do a better job writing complete unit tests than many developers. This is welcome news, because I hate unit tests.

Useful Debugging Features of Visual Studio 2015

This article overlaps the others a bit, but it has a focus on debugging.

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